Export Yacht & Ship Services

Let Us Assist You at No Charge

Whether buying within the U.S. or exporting to another country, purchasing a yacht is a complicated process made easy for YOU by Export Yacht & Ship. You don’t even have to be present during any phase of the purchase we can handle everything for you.

Listening - You Will Be Heard

One of the first and most important services we offer our clients is to listen to their needs, requirements, and desires in the yacht they wish to purchase. We’ll ask the right questions and assist you in narrowing your choices to the perfect yacht for YOU, the buyer. We are committed to our clients and offer excellent customer service.

Online Database - Easy & Convenient

You can search our online database of thousands of yachts that are for sale worldwide at any given moment. Choosing those that appeal to you will show us exactly the type of yacht you would like.

Identifying the Best Deal for YOU!

Our staff will contact sellers with yachts similar to those you like. We ensure all possible yachts that would interest you are identified, particulars of the vessel are scrutinized, and only the best deals are presented to you. We pride ourselves on assisting buyers with making the best choices during their search for the perfect yacht – all without any pressure to buy.

Negotiation Par Excellence!

One of the advantages Export Yacht & Ship has over our competition is our highly qualified staff. Using our expertise and knowledge of yachts and the purchase process, we help you negotiate the purchase of your yacht. We analyze the yacht against your needs, specifications, desires, as well as the seller’s asking price against market values. We help you make the best offer, as well as negotiate directly with the seller on counter offers and acceptance issues. Each seller has a unique disposition. Our experience and reputation are the keys to successful negotiations.

Start Here!

We will find the perfect boat for you and have it delivered anywhere in the world

Document Creation - Protecting Your Interests

We will draw up all legal documents for you – the offer contract and acceptance document, ensuring the language equally protects both the buyer and seller. For instance, we ensure the acceptance document does not have any discrepancies that could harm the buyer, since the seller is not obligated to fix or even point out such discrepancies.

Escrow - Convenient & Safe!

We provide you an escrow account with Bank of America for your deposit. This eliminates the need to give a deposit check to an unknown seller. By holding the deposit in escrow until the acceptance document is signed by both parties, you can make an offer on several yachts simultaneously without writing a deposit check for each offer. You will purchase the right yacht easier and faster, while keeping your deposit safe!

Research & Inspections - Get What You Expect

We will provide you with a choice of marine surveyors to ensure that the yacht is in the shape expected. We will oversee a thorough engine and hull survey as well as a sea trial, putting the yacht through its paces on the open water. We advise you about the resulting reports; how they affect you, the buyer; and options for you to consider.

Paperwork - Assured Accuracy

We work with experts that handle all the paperwork for your yacht purchase, transferring ownership to you. These services include but are not limited to transfer of registration, importation/exportation documents for the U.S., and title transfer. Additionally, our experts do a comprehensive title search of the yacht, looking for hidden liens against the vessel by following its history, rather than the simply search that most brokers complete. We can handle all financial transactions for you – whether you simply write a check, purchase under a complex business guarantee, or set up a blind corporation in a tax-haven country and purchase the boat in the corporation’s name.

After-Purchase Assistance - Our Services Don't Stop at Purchase

Export Yacht & Ship can assist you after the purchase with a variety of requests you may have concerning your new yacht. For example, it is much cheaper to refit a yacht in the U.S. than in another country. Our contacts with shipyards, mechanics, electronics installers, and canvas shops enable us to assist you with options, such as a complete re-power, electronic upgrades, shipyard work, and transportation. We also help you locate suitable dock space, while waiting for your yacht to ship, or if you are keeping your yacht in the U.S. We make sure that your yacht leaves the United States, as you expect, and provide digital pictures before your yacht ships.

International Service - We Ship Anywhere in the World

Though many yacht brokers are not equipped to handle international buyers, Export Yacht & Ship’s staff is experienced in all types of purchases. We complete all of the paperwork, pack your yacht appropriately, winterize it (if necessary), and deliver it, making the entire process easy and convenient for you. Shrink wrapping, custom cradles, containers, roll on-roll off, flat racks, and cargo insurance are available for all destinations. For delivery within the continental U.S., we can arrange shipping by U.S. truck from origin. For all other deliveries, we arrange for direct delivery to any major port in the U.S., complete all of the export documentation, delete the U.S. Coast Guard documentation where appropriate, complete all of the destination custom documentation, and assist with all import requirements at the destination.

What Export Yacht & Ship Customers Say:

Thank you Export Yacht & Ship for assisting us with the purchase of our 52’ Fairline Targa! They worked with our broker to make the process of purchasing our boat as easy as possible. I highly recommend Mike and his company if you are looking to purchase a yacht.

Phil Sebok
Buenos Aires, Argentina

No simple checklist of things to avoid in a yacht purchase exists. Using Export Yacht & Ship not only makes sense, but it can save you money!