Export Yacht Sales

Interesting Stats Posted by YachtWorld

According to YachtWorld, U.S. brokerage sales increased to 3,517 boats in July, a 10 percent gain over the 3,210 boats sold in the previous July. According to YachtWorld member brokerages reporting in SoldBoats.com, this was the third month in a row of sales over 3,500, a figure reached only once before since 2007 (in May, 2012).

The total price paid for the boats sold in July, $299 million, was also higher by $61 million, or 25 percent, over July 2012.

Sales of powerboats increased by 8 percent, to 2,928 boats, and the value of the boats sold climbed 24 percent, to $256 million. Sales of sailboats increased even more on a percentage basis, with 589 boats changing hands, a 17 percent gain over the previous July. The total price paid for the sailboats increased 32 percent, from $32 million to $43 million.

Market growth occurred among all size ranges of boats. Below 35 feet, an additional 202 boats were sold in July, up 8 percent, and values increased at a faster rate, indicating a higher average price paid per boat than in July 2012.

In a category that had been weak all year, 56 to 79 feet, sales increased by 46 percent with 73 boats sold, and total price paid kept pace, at $40 million, which was a 47 percent gain.

In the superyacht segment, over 80 feet, sales rose from an unusually low 4 boats a year earlier, to 14 sold in July 2013. The aggregate price paid increased from $21 million to $36 million.

For 2013 through seven months, U.S. brokerage sales were 2 percent higher, with 19,924 boats sold.